Wilma System

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The Wilma system is an extremely versatile and effective hydroponic system. Wilma has been developed as a joint venture by Nutriculture and Atami. This successful hydroponic system allows the use to grow hydroponically at the same time as having the versatility of growing in pots.

The Wilma system has a reservoir underneath the pots and the nutrient solution is pumped from the reservoir into the pots using a drippier system then the excess water returns back the reservoir for future pumping.

Available in a range of pot sizes and unit sizes.

  • Wilma Small 4 (60x60cm) (4x11litre)
  • Wilma Large 4 (75x75cm) (4x18 litre)
  • Wilma XL 4 (90x90cm) (4x25 litre)
  • Wilma Large 8 (75x75cm) (8x6 litre)
  • Wilma XL 8 (90x90cm) (8x11litre)
  • Wilma XXL (115x115cm) (8x18litre)
  • Wilma Wide 8 (120x60cm) (8x11litre)
  • Wilma Wide Large 8 (170x75cm) (8x18litre)
  • Wilma Wide XL 8 (190x90cm) (8x25litre)
  • Wilma XXL 5 (115x115cm) (5x25litre)
  • Wilma XXL 9 (115x115cm) (9x18litre)
  • Wilma XXL 16 (115x115cm) (16x11litre)
  • Wilma XXL 20 (115x115cm (20x6litre)
  • Wilma Wide 10 (120x60cm) (10x6litre)