Tube heaters

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The Smartgro Slimline Tube Heaters are one of the most quick, easy and energy efficient ways of providing low-cost, constant background heating and protection, to prevent dampness and condensation. They are IP55 compliant, which ensures they are resistance to sprinkled water and makes them safe to use in a wide range of environments – including grow tents, outbuildings, greenhouses, cold frames, sheds, garages and conservatories. They are a high quality manufactured seamless tube and come with an easy to clean white enamel finish.

These space-saving designed tube heaters make them suitable for use where space is at a premium,
and are supplied with brackets which allow for floor or wall mounting.  The advantage of these slimline heaters is you can use more than one to heat different areas of your growing area.   Each heater is supplied with a 1m power cable and is fitted with a UK 3 pin 240V plug.