Trimming Machine

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16" 19" 24" trimming machine
  • metal gear box for extra durability and a constant close trim.
  • 5mm soft rubber fingers that won't damage your products.
  • cutting blade for wet trimming and wire for dry trimming.
  • food grade, non toxic materials used.
  • 30/1 gear ratio for high speed cutting
  • stainless steel and plastics are all easily washed down and  wont react to solvents.
  • very quiet when in use so you don't annoy the neighbours ;-).
  • rubber feet for grip, stability and safety.
Very high quality trimming machine that will not only cut your produce brilliantly it will LAST!!! Unlike others we've seen before with poor quality plastic gearbox's and stiff fingers that bruise produce. The blades are super close to the grille giving the closest trim possible!!!
This machine in the right hands can easily take your trimming time down to 25% of a hand trim session!!!
any questions don't hesitate to call on 01945467823.