The original Adjust A Wing MEDIUM Enforcer

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Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer Reflector Better than your standard reflector, the Adjust-A-Wing Enforcer Reflector delivers fantastic quality results when compared against other reflectors within the same price range. With 4 adjustable positions to match the reflector to the lamp and grow-space of your choice, the Adjust-A-Wing is an economical way to effectively manage the light in your garden. We offer the Adjust-A-Wing Enforcer in 3 different sizes giving you even more versatility.

How the Enforcer Reflector Works:

The Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer Reflector has been meticulously designed using the very best materials to improve the performance of your garden. The Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer is a flexible-winged reflector which allows you to widen or narrow the light footprint thrown downwards by means of setting one end of each of the 2 retaining cables into one of the different hole positions in the sides of the wings. The lamp-holder in the Adjust-A-Wings can be raised or lowered vertically to give you even greater flexibility and control over light intensity and foot-print size.