Secret jargen Growing LED TLED26

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Secret Jardin T-LEDs have an array of uses that will help to maximise the productivity of your indoor garden, but they also come in at low prices and use very little power, making them highly economical. They’re great for taking cuttings, boosting spectrums and for dark spots. The Blue TLED emits blue light at 6500K making it ideal for propagation, vegetative growth and mother plants.. Emits the most photosynthetically active light for growing the best cuttings and clones. Produces 80 lumens per watt at an efficiency of more than 80% PAR. LED angle – 120 degrees. LED expected life 30,000 hours. Runs cool. Power total of 3600 lumens. Blue (Vegetative Growth) The Secret Jardin 26W T-LED Blue Light uses quality LEDs with a blue spectrum to grow cuttings into rooted clones and beyond into healthy, vigorous and bushy established plants. Or it can be used as blue supplementary lighting in a flowering set-up. It can even be hung vertically in the corners for extra light where there are dark spots. Dimensions L54cm x W4cm x H3cm Weight 360g Cable Length 1.8m