Prima klima carbon filter k2601 125mm

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The Falcon Carbon filter is the instrument that helps us eliminate the smell of air that comes out of the extractor from your growing area. Vanguard Hydroponics Falcon filters work with activated carbon technology, which is very simple. Activated carbon with its cylindrical shape and porous structure, traps odor particles from the air as they pass through its holes, leaving only clean air to pass outside. The falcon charcoal filter is used to neutralize odors leaving the growing area. It is very important to locate them in the right place, away from the intractor, and attached to the extractor so that it sucks air through the filter and thus prevents odors from spreading. WHAT COAL IS THE FALCON CARBON FILTER MADE FROM? These anti-odor carbon filters contain 100% Australian RC-4/8 activated carbon, extracted exclusively from Collie Basin mines in Western Australia. This is the oldest, purest, and lightest carbon in existence and is the highest quality range of Collie coal, used exclusively in these Falcon carbon filters. FALCON FILTER SHIRTS To protect your filters well from dust and dirt, preventing them from clogging and guaranteeing a better performance, you can purchase filter liners. Specifications of Carbon Air Filter Prima Klima Eco Line K2601 360/480 m³/h (125mm) - Marca Prima Klima - Modelo: Eco Line K2601 - Eliminación de olores en un 99% - Fácil de montar e instalar - Altura aprox.: 400mm - Diámetro aprox.: Ø200mm - Boca de conexión (diámetro): Ø125mm - Potencia de extracción óptima: 360 m³/h - Potencia de extracción máxima: 480 m³/h - Peso: 3,6kg