philips son t 1000W lamp

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Description Philips SON-T 1000W A The best price for Philips SON-T 1000W Use Philips quality while enjoying significant discounts on large quantities! Fast shipping, contact us! Philips SON-T 1000W  technical characteristics Philips SON-T are high-pressure sodium vapor lamps with a sintered alumina discharge tube within a hard glass evacuated bulb. The exterior of the lamp is tubular shaped. Philips SON-T 1000W  lampshade a diameter of 67 mm and a E40 base type. Philips SON-T 1000W light bulbs provide you a superior quality light with a luminous flux of 130000 lumens. The light emitted will be warm: 2000K. Also, the lifespan of Philips SON-T 1000W lamps is very long, near 20000 hours. These lamps are also equipped with a UV filter, which will protect against the discolouration of objects. Philips SON-T 1000W  use These lamps are used for lighting floodlights for both commercial as well as recreational purposes.