Oxypot DWC

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Oxypot DWC system by Nutricultureis a great way to get your plants to veg faster. DWC systems allow your plants to take up maximum oxygen levels aswell as constantly having access to nutrient rich water solution.

Roots grow through the Mesh pots into the chamber where they sit in a highly oxygenated solution. 

  • Less media needed
  • Maximum Oxygenation
  • Versatile
  • Great yields
  • Available in many sizes
 Oxypot Single 35x35cm 19L 1
OxyPot XL 82x53cm 70L 2
OxyPot XL + 82x53cm 70L 1
Oxypot 4 83x83cm 110L 4
Oxypot V6 82x53cm 70L 6
Oxypot V9 83x83cm 110L 9