Maxibright 315w CDM Light Kit

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The 315w light kit by Maxigrow is fresh on the market. Over the past year most of the big brands have brought CDM 315w Grow light kits out. The technology is fairly new but its showing drastic signs of improvement and outperforming most lighting systems. 

The Ballast is dimmable and can come with a Blue dominant (grow) or red dominant (Bloom) bulb to maximise the results from your plants. 315w lighting kits have really gave something for people to talk about we have high hopes for these kits. 

  • Brilliant output
  • reduced energy usage
  • quality build 
  • fully adjustable 
  • Different bulbs for different jobs
  • Available in a 2 bulb set up double kit
  • Special Twin Reflector for 2 Bulbs (Twin Kits)