GHE FloraMicro 1L HW (mpk 5-0-1)

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The General Hydroponics 3-part, mineral-based nutrient system was introduced many years ago and is still in use today by thousands of growers world-wide. General Hydroponics constantly conducts research and then updates it’s products according to their findings on a regular basis. Flora Micro HW is designed to be used along with Flora Gro and Flora Bloom to make a complete nutrient. The HW version is designed for use in hard water areas. A version for soft water (SW) areas is also available. Using different ratios of each of the 3 parts in different stages of growth produces a complete nutrient that’s perfectly adapted to each part of your grow. Flora Micro provides micronutrients and pH buffers to help stabilise the solution. GH Flora nutrients work perfectly in hydroponics, aeroponics and coco. GH 3-part Flora nutrients also work well in soil but the strength should be approximately two thirds of that used in hydroponic situations.