Garden Highpro ProFan Axial Inline Fan 150mm

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Garden Highpro ProFan Axial Inline Fan Value inline extractor or intake Fans from garden Highpro, the small and compact fans are made of plastic and are very reliable, you cannot beat a compact inline fan for this price. ​​​​​​​The Garden Highpro Profan Axial Inline Fan is the perfect fan for putting in your tents and grow rooms. It easily fits within tent ventilation holes which saves growing space in your tent. For the size of the fan, the Profan Axial Inline Fan is very powerful as well as it being able to maintain a low noise level. With a 100% copper engine, the fan is much more efficient than other fans in its class and more versitile than most other competitors. Plug and play Single speed ( can be used with a fan controller ) 1 year warranty Includes plug and lead Garden Highpro Inline Fan 100mm 4" 160 m/3 - 15w Garden Highpro Inline Fan 125mm 5" 200 m/3 - 20w Garden Highpro Inline Fan 150mm 6" 275 m/3 - 30w