Emerald Harvest ROOT WIZARD - 0.95L

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EMERALD HARVEST ROOT WIZARD Get your garden thriving with the beneficial bacteria in Emerald Harvest Root Wizard. The plant growth promoting rhizobacteria in this microbial inoculant colonize you’re crops rhizosphere and recycle organic matter there, making nutrients more available to the roots to facilitate root growth. Root Wizard is tailor made to give your root system strength, vitality and maximum productivity. Benefit from the root up with Emerald Harvest Root Wizard, a root builder that contains several strains of beneficial bacteria that will invigorate the rhizosphere of plants growing in hydroponic systems. Root wizard not only helps bulk up root mass, but it also helps enable plants to absorb more nutrients, more efficiently. BENEFITS: Helps jump-start bigger root mass Increases nutrient uptake in the root zone Introduces beneficial bacteria to plant in hydroponic gardens This root wizard is designed to increase bioactivity that bulks up root mass, the plant-symbiotic microorganisms in Root Wizard helps breakdown organic matter into bioavailable nutrients, so that your plants absorb and assimilate what they need from plant food for growth, maintenance and flowering. Root wizard is tailor-made supplement to give your garden the robust root system it needs for strength, vitality and maximum productivity and to help receive professional results. DIRECTIONS OF USE: Application: diluted and added to mix or reservoir & can be used as a foliar feed at the same dilution. Time of Use: From early Veg to early flowering