CFL light hangar

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The Cost-Effective Way to Add CFL Lighting to Your Growroom

Our CFL Lamp Hanger With Moulded Plug is a cheap way of getting a CFL lamp working when you don’t have space for a reflector. Great little product.

  • 4.5 metre long cable
  • Strong E40 light fitting
  • Moulded mains plug
  • Great for CFL lamps
  • Not for use with HID lamps


1 x CFL Lamp Hanger With Moulded Plug

How the CFL Lamp Hanger Works:

The CFL Lamp Hanger With Moulded Plug consists of a 4 metre long mains cable with a moulded mains plug at one end and a tough E40 lamp fitting at the other. The CFL Lamp Hanger with Moulded Plug is a very economical way of getting a CFL lamp up and running easily and economically.

How to Use the CFL Lamp Hanger:

Hang the E40 fitting end of the CFL Lamp Hanger over your grow-space and carefully screw in your CFL lamp firmly by holding the base only. Screwing in your CFL by holding the glass may cause it to break or shatter. Run the mains cable to a mains socket. Plug it in and switch it on. This product should not be used with HID lamps as plugging an MH or HPS lamp directly into the mains without a ballast may cause damage, fire or even an explosion.