Buddhas Tree PK9-18

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Buddhas Tree PK9-18 is a great flowering nutrient that contains no PGR's. Buddhas Tree produce some of the best selling Nutrient products on the market today. Buddhas Tree has access to one of the worlds best plant science experts who helps formulate all their products.

Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 improves nutrient uptake and pushes the plant to reach its full potential. They claim to have countless happy customers who have seen an extra gain in yield and quality since switching over to PK 9-18.

With over 30 years of growing experience and extensive knowledge and expertise in the growing industry Buddhas Tree are quickly booming the company to beat!

Buddhas Tree have a wide range of products that your plants will love. They include a specially formulated PK product, an extremely effective Metabolic Booster, Pure silic acid which is great for cell strength (solar green power), and a pre flower enhancer called Flower bust which has reportedly helped plants produce flowering sites a week before they usually would.