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Leaf coat is a ready to use spray that can strengthen and protect plants.  Made from a natural latex, it creates a permeable barrier on the leaf, which still allows air to the stomata and light to the chlorophyll. Originally developed to reduce loss of water through evaporation, the barrier also reduces damaged caused by pests such as fungus and insects.


When temperatures exceed 28 degrees Celsius, plants transpiration rates increase to cool down. Using Leaf coat prevents too much water being lost through evaporation, avoiding the plant sweating. The use of leaf coat creates a barrier that acts like a second skin. In cold temperatures, this skin helps the plant maintain the leaf temperature, safeguarding against the cold.


Leaf coat has a pleasant smell and doesn’t irritate like other chemical-based synthetic products. Leaf coat sits as a layer on top of the plants and biodegrades within 2 weeks, so shouldn’t affect the taste of the fruit when used as instructed.