Autopot Complete System

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The Autopot pot system comes with everything you need to grow plants to best of your ability. The Autopot does not need the use of pumps which makes the system a lot more fail safe than others and if you use a mineral based feed and stay away from organic feeds which often have a lumpy consistency which can block the system you shouldn't have a problem with the Autopot system.

We have compiled some complete Autopot systems that include a perfectly matched flex-tank and pipework and fittings basically everything you need to set up and run your chosen size of Autopot system.

Autopot in our opinion is one of, if not the best, hydroponic systems on the market today. Autopot can deliver some heavy yields and explosive growth. The Autopot works on the principle of the Aquavalve, which is basically a float valve that allows a certain amount of water into the tray which is absorbed by the roots and growing media as and when the plants need it.

The creators of Autopot have worked hard to design and developed a system that is simple, easy to use and if used correctly will produce an impressive yield for potted plants. 

Our Autopot Systems include:

  • Pots & Trays
  • Pipework
  • Fittings
  • Flexitank (Size depends on system size)