Adjust a wings 600~ 700w helion CMH illumination kit.

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The 750W Hellion System will enable you to get a 25% higher output from your 750W DE HPS Lamp. With 200cm of headroom height these state of the art Adjust A-Wings Defender Reflectors will enable the grower to emulate the seasons Spring, Summer & Autumn - using the 3 wing positions and 5 lamp heights. The dimmable ballast can run Lamps at 450, 600 and 750 watts. Delivering only a true spectrum due to the ballasts super high frequency 400V, giving you fantastic results. 750w Hellion Lighting System comes complete with: General Information 750W Hellion Ballast (dimmable, digital, 400V) 750W HPS Lamp (double ended) Adjust-A-Wings Defender Reflector Lamp Adaptor & Super Spreader Hanging Rail