About Us

Welcome to Grow World Hydroponics Cambridgeshire and Norfolk's Premier Hydroponic Grow shop. We are situated in Wisbech right on the border between Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. 

We stock a wide range of products from grow lights to grow tents we have it all in store.

  • Lighting- We stock a wide range of horticultural lighting including CFL, T5 Propagation  lights, L.E.D lighting and HPS grow lights
  • Ventilation- Out take fans, Carbon filters and a range of ducting.
  •  Grow Tents
  • Growing Media including Coco, Soils and Hydroponic Pebbles
  • A wide Range of nutrients from some of the biggest nutrient companies in the industry
  • A selection of Grow shop accessories including trimmers, drying nets, hygrometers and many more.
  • Hydroponic systems including NFT, DWC and Autopot.
Shop with us online or visit our store for the best offers and advice,