An Introduction To Trojan Grow Tents

An Introduction To Trojan Grow Tents

Here at Grow World Hydroponics we take a lot of time testing new products and brands trying to find great innovative products to bring to you guys our customers. 

Occasionally we stumble across a new idea that we get excited about and sometimes as in this case we find a new adaptation to an existing product that has got us here in the office talking.

Trojan tents based in Peterborough have been innovating and designing Horticultural products since their launch in 2015. Their range of Grow tents have come to our attention and we wanted to shed a little light on them.

Trojan Grow Tents come in two ranges one being Silver the other being Gold. The Silver Range is their entry level grow tent and although their prices are extremely competitive the actual quality of the range is outstanding. 

The Silver range is quite simply quality on a budget. They are constructed using 210D material and quality components such as zips etc are used in the production of the tent.

The Gold Range is the best quality range that trojan grow tents currently manufacture. The Gold series has an all metal frame including up to 25mm metal poles ensures a solid build. 

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