An Introduction To Dutch Pro

Dutch Pro is truly one of the old school pioneers of our industry. They have worked hard for over 3 decades to engineer and manufacture some of the best plant nutrients in the world. Out of all the big Plant nutrient firms Dutch Pro have always stood out, and are widely regarded as one of the best ,most reliable nutrient firms to ever do it.

Keep It Simple

Dutch Pro rarely bring new products to the market and this is not because they are complacent or lazy its simply because they work hard to get it right first time. Plant nutrient production is a science and once you have the science worked out and the product made according to that science reinventing products and improving products becomes very difficult. A lot of nutrient companies change there formulas and ingredients to bring 'new improved' versions out but Dutch Pro don't need too because they got it right the first time.

Over 30 Years In The Industry

Dutch Pro have been making products for over 3 decades and they remain as one of the leading plant nutrient brands. The companies original aim was to provide a straight forward nutrient schedule for the growers of the coffeeshop scene in Amsterdam but the popularity increased drastically because of the simple effectiveness of their products. It meant that Dutch Pro grew in polarity all over the Netherlands and Europe and has been a big name ever since. 

dutch pro nutrient range

A Simple Range Of Products That Plants Love!

Dutch Pro keep it simple. They have a relatively small range of products compared to other nutrient companies but this is because they like to keep their focus concentrated. Their products are comprehensive and although they don't have a massive range their products cover every angle and requirement of your plants. Their Explode and Take Root products both strong stimulators one for flowering and as the name suggests one for roots. 

Versatile Products

Dutch Pro is equally good for soil and hydroponic/coco growing medias. Dutch pro is perfect for any hydroponic system their mineral based feeds don't clog pipework or leave heavy salt deposits in your tanks and trays.

Overall Dutch Pro is a great nutrient company that works hard to provide products that really work. If you haven't tried Dutch pro Then everyone here at Grow World (Wisbech) urges you to give it a go.